As of May 2021, Frum Girl Adventures received a grant from the IGDA Foundation under direction of Melanie Ehrlich from Melodity Productions. It will now be the first video game by and about Jewish women!


Self Portrait / Game App Design

Frum Girl Adventures is a design concept for the first ever smartphone game based on frum life.The word frum is a word used to describe a very devoted religious Jew. I created this game because I grew up as a frum girl in Los Angeles, and I experienced that the options given to a young girl by the frum community (just as any other closed community) are very limited and defined, just like a video game. Growing up in the frum world, I was given choices of how to dress and act, which rabbi's ideas to follow, and what dreams I wanted to pursue, but all of my choices had to be made according to the frum ideal I was expected to fulfill.
Drawing each page helped me confront the feeling of having to fit the mold and the way it blinded myself to my own inner world. I hope that viewers laugh with and enjoy Frum Girl Adventures.

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